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1- Develop Marketing Strategy

Having a well thought out strategy is essential in ensuring you succeed. Although it seems obvious, many companies lack the insight required to develop a streamlined and intuitive process. We have developed a procedure that will help you develop a successful plan. We will help you decide on what your long and short-term goals are. Write down the challenges you expect to face. Also, choose your niche market. Remember that the efficacy of the campaign will revolve around your budgetary confines. We will offer you tools and we will help you understand the relationship between your financial expenditures and the ROI to expect.

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2- Create a Powerful Website

A poorly developed page might sabotage all your hopes for future success. If your website appears cluttered, takes a considerable amount of time to load or suffers low ranking because of poor SEO techniques, this step is significant. The moment a visitor lands on your site, he should find what he was looking for and be enticed to delve further into your content. Thus, a website should be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, simple to update and have a professional appearance.

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3- Generate More Traffic

Increasing traffic to your website increases the opportunities for your visitors to become leads. We will start by creating blog articles that interest your audience. Blogging generates more pages in search engines thus increasing the chances for your page to be found. Next, we build followers by sharing the blog posts and actively engaging in social media conversations. Then we identify your focus keywords, create keyword-based posts, and optimize your site for those keywords. Finally, we develop and manage pay per click advertising campaigns that drive more quality traffic to the site.

4- Convert Traffic into Leads

For the traffic you gathered to add value to your digital marketing, we need to convert it into quality leads. We do this by creating a call to action and attractive offers that will entice potential buyers. For starters, we develop landing pages that define the proposals and include a form that visitors can use to collect leads information. After completing the form, the user gains access to the offer, receives an auto responder email and is keyed into your CRM system as a lead. We will place Call to Actions throughout the website to boost lead generation.

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5- Convert Leads into Sales

We have so many techniques that we can use as to convert your visitors into loyal paying customers. The first is lead intelligence. This is where we find out the pages which your leads view when visiting your site then generate lead scores that will give direction on whom to contact first. Lead segmentation is whereby leads are divided according to the information we gather; thus allowing us to send targeted messages easily. Lead nurturing strategies are used to educate more leads into becoming sales. Email marketing enables us to send timely messages to all the contacts within your system. CRM integration ensures a closed-loop marketing campaign that leads to improved sales.

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6- Measure Everything

After we have done all we can to improve your digital marketing productivity. Now, it is time to measure crucial metrics. Some of the critical parameters to keep in check include SEO success, email subscribers, traffic statistics, blogging effectiveness, PPC costs and rates, and social media followers’ size and growth. We will do this often, and if we find something amiss, it is an indication that a part of the process is not effective.

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12 Benefits For Our Internet Marketing Toronto Serivces

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Priceless Data & Analytics

Digital marketing experts can access huge streams of information about your site’s traffic and analyze them for trends that are invisible at first glance. We use those hidden trends to find unseen advantages and build a winning strategy to promote your business.

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Exponentially Better ROI

Digital marketing strategies achieve more revenue more efficiently, and for much less money. Digital marketing allows for micro-targeting an audience and provides huge amounts of feedback information to develop even better strategies in the future.

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Tailored Outreach

Broadcast messaging is so general that it can’t reach nearly as many true potential customers as a digital strategy can. Don’t target 100 people so 10 will respond and become customers. Reach 10 groups of 10 different people who’ll all respond. That means 100 customers.

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Survive and Thrive Online

Marketing that keeps a business alive and thriving has to do more than simply announce its existence. A common response to “I’m here!” is “So what?” Digital engagement encourages a customer’s emotional attachment so you have a dedicated foundation of customers and income streams.

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Turn Visitors Into Customers & Fans

Conversion is about drawing people to your business who are most likely to buy your products and services. Search Engine Optimization, as well as email and social media marketing, uses data analysis to target those people and funnel them to your offers.

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Compete With Large Corporations

If you’re a startup or a small, resilient business in a crowded field, pressure from your giant competitors can be immense. Digital marketing and customer engagement is a cost-effective way to chisel away at their dominance with beautiful ROI. The weapons of the underdog.

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Earn Trust and Brand Loyalty

Digital marketing outreach is a paradox: It happens on a large scale, but micro-targeting makes each customer communication so intimate that each person invests much more emotionally in your company. Loyalty so intense means a more secure customer base than ever before.

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Huge, Reliable Revenue Growth

Digital marketing techniques have been around for long enough now that we have a lot of data about how effective they are: extremely so. Digital marketing strategies tend to multiply a company’s revenue growth by almost 200%, according to global studies from Google.

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Real Time Results

The old chronology of a marketing campaign was to run it, then evaluate the results. Instead of waiting months for this feedback, digital marketing channels offer streaming information about the performance of your messages. So you can adjust your outreach flexibly to a chaotic world.

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Beyond Outreach!

Digital marketing can target customers virtually at the individual level. Feedback is fast enough that a campaign can adjust at the speed of conversation. So a brand appears to its customers like a person, letting a brand cultivate customers like you cultivate your friendships.

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An Empowered Sale

Conversion is always the customer’s decision. Digital marketing offers a revolution in the conversion moment because the intimacy of its outreach makes a call-to-action like a request from a friend. It reminds a customer of her power and makes a purchase literally joyful.

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Going Mobile

The smartphone is the central communication platform for our era now, as well as a point of purchase that travels in the pockets of your audience. Rosaline knows how to get your messages on smartphones, so reach out to us.

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Our Web Marketing Solutions

In addition to our affordable

SEO Marketing Toronto , PPC Management Toronto Website Design , 

we also offer a comprehensive selection of other digital marketing tactics and solutions:

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Email marketing

Develop and deploy your promotional messaging using email marketing technology—one of the most effective digital channels, dollar for dollar, and a proven tool for connecting 1:1 with target audiences.

Social media marketing

Deliver unique content and drive more qualified users to your sales channels with activation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other top social media marketing platforms.

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Content marketing

Push more traffic through your sales funnel and increase returns on your SEO investment by maintaining a steady flow of interesting, engaging, and educational content across your various digital marketing channels.

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Lead generation

Grow your target audience and promote more personal and engaging connections with your most valuable consumers via proven lead generation techniques, including content marketing initiatives, referral campaigns, social media or online Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, and more.

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Conversion Rate Optimizatiom

Build better customer experiences that power more meaningful engagement with your target audiences, based on analysis of how consumers interact with your brand online,

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Graphic design

Designing and building high-performing online content that draws visitors in and offers excellent consumer experiences, with custom-built sites developed to meet each client’s exacting needs.

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Product Photography

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Serving clients around the world from our headquarters in Toronto, our SEO experts will work with you to develop cost-effective Online Marketing solutions that increase audience engagement and deliver higher conversions for your internet marketing Toronto campaigns.

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Featuring a wide array of internet and Digital Marketing solutions, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM), Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, Web Design & development, social media marketing and other internet marketing services to meet your unique business requirements.

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Well-planned and strategically executed internet marketing initiatives drive better user engagement—especially with consumers who are increasingly on the go and depend on their mobile devices to stay connected.

With the total number of internet users worldwide approaching 3.5 billion in 2016, and the proportion of non-US internet users making up about 89% of the world’s overall internet audience, marketers can’t afford to miss out on the global sales opportunities offered via digital channels like web and mobile sites, apps, and social media.

Data-driven digital marketing executions that make use of SEM and SEO offer better customer experiences and ultimately, allows brands to build more personal engagement with target audience members, leading to greater likelihood of converting a consumer into a paying customer.

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