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  • Building Conversions
  • Creating a Positive Brand Association
  • Increasing Website Traffic
  • Improving Interaction & Communication with Target Audiences
  • Raising Brand Awareness

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The Importance of Social Media for Your Business

With Social Media Marketing (SMM) now here, it really doesn’t take much for businesses to promote their services/products to customers and prospects. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – they are free social media platforms that can be used by businesses to interact directly with their target audiences. Bands are already engaging with your customers on these platforms, and if you are not directly getting in touch with your audience through Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you are headed in the wrong direction! Great social media marketing can achieve outstanding success to your business, driving sales and leads, and even creating dedicated brand advocates.

SMM, is a type of internet marketing which involves sharing and creating content on social media sites to achieve your branding and marketing goals. It includes activities such as posting image updates, videos, text, and other content that facilitates paid social media advertising, as well as audience engagement. The following guide is designed to provide you with some beginner social media marketing tips, and an introduction as well as training to improve the social presence of your business. This guide will help you to develop your own SMM expert plan.

Happy Thoughts From Our Clients

My business was hitting a lot of walls recently. I work from home and in coffee shops, pretty much all on short-term contracts. So I don’t exactly have the deepest pockets. I have to spend just as much time looking for clients as working with the ones I have. Rosaline’s rates were affordable for me and fair, and they had new clients finding me on their own soon after I hired them.

I’ve dealt with other marketing firms to help promote my non-profit work, and I often feel treated like an afterthought because I’m not a “big money client.” Not with Rosaline. I’ve never dealt with a digital marketing company whose people are so dedicated to clients no matter who they are. Seeing Rosaline’s non-profit work in the community was so inspirational as well. They’re unlike any marketing company I’ve ever seen.

I’m a simple guy who runs a small business. I don’t really know the technical details of how SEO works and I frankly don’t care. But Rosaline Digital Marketing was able to meet my needs without confusing the hell out of me, thanks to their very straightforward blend of high-concept SEO and good old fashioned public relations marketing techniques. It all just worked for me. 

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About Rosaline Digital Marketing

Rosaline plans and executes cost-effective and high-performing internet marketing campaigns that build brand reputation, foster higher consumer engagement, and transform more website visitors into your paying customers. Our team combines expertise in digital marketing with creative approaches to public relations. So Rosaline can put our unique skills to help clients establish and grow your businesses in this intensely competitive global marketplace.

Process & Strategy for Social Media Campaigns


Before you start creating any social media marketing campaign, consider the goals you have for your business. Kick-starting a campaign when your mind has no any social strategy is like hiking in a forest you have never visited before without a map. Chances are that you may experience fun, but you will probably end up getting lost.


Social Media Marketing

When laying out your SMM goals, the following are some important questions that you have to ask yourself:

  • What type of audience are you targeting?
  • What are you aiming to achieve through your marketing campaign on social media?
  • How would your target audience use social media and where would they hang out?
  • What kind of message do you want your social media marketing campaign to send to your customers and prospects?

Your business type should drive and inform your marketing strategy on social media. For example, a travel or e-commerce business, being highly visual, is likely to get a lot of value because of a strong presence on Pinterest or Instagram. A marketing company or business-to-business might enjoy more leverage in LinkedIn or Twitter.

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    Building Conversions
  • Creating a Positive Brand Association
  • Increasing Website Traffic
  • Improving Interaction & Communication with Target Audiences
  • Raising Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing Benefits

The bigger and more interactive your target audience is across various social media platforms, the easier it is going to be for you to accomplish every other goal that is on your marketing campaign.

Here are a few SMM tips to help kick-start your marketing campaign on social media.

  • Planning social media content: As earlier discussed, creating a plan on how you are going to go about your social media marketing is of essence. Consider competitive research and keyword research to help create attractive content ideas that will thrill the audience that you are targeting. What are some of the things that other businesses in your niche are doing to drive social media engagement?
  • Great social content: Social media marketing content reigns supreme when consistent with other forms of online marketing. Ensure you post on a regular basis and offer genuinely valuable info that your ideal prospects and customers will find interesting and helpful. The content that you post on your social sites can include how-to guides, images, infographics, videos and more.
  • Consistent brand image: Businesses that use social media as marketing tool are more often able to project their brand image across various social media networks. While each network has its own unique voice and environment, the core identity of your business, whether it’s trustworthy, fun, or friendly, should remain consistent.
  • Content promotion on social media: Social media is a perfect channel for content promotion such as sharing your best blog and site content with readers. Once a business has established a loyal following on social media, it will be able to post all new content and ensure its audience can find new stuff instantaneously. In addition, great blog content can help you attract more followers. It is a surprising way that social media marketing and content marketing benefit each other.
  • Sharing curated links: No only is social media marketing an amazing way to create your own original, unique content to attract followers, devotees, and fans, it is also a chance to connect to outside articles too. If other sources offer great, valuable content you think your audience is going to enjoy, don’t think twice about linking to them. Linking and curating to outside articles improves reliability and trust, and you may as well end up getting some links as a result.
  • Track your competitor: It is always important to watch out on competitors as they can offer valuable data for social media marketing and keyword research insight. If you’re a competitor is using a certain marketing technique/channel on social media, and which seems to be working well for them, consider copying them, but do it better!
  • Use analytics to measure your success: It is hard to determine how successful your marketing strategies are on social media if you don’t have a tracker. Google analytics is one of the best tools for measuring the most successful social media marketing channels, as well as determining the strategies ought to be done away with. Monitor your marketing campaigns properly by attaching tracking tags. And ensure to use Google analytics in each social network for even better insight into which of your content is performing very well with your target audience.

Choosing the Best Social Site for Marketing

A different approach is required for each social media network. As such, you need to develop unique strategies for each platform. When using Facebook for SMM, you’ll require an active marketing strategy. Facebook is a social site where people go to chat and relax with friends, thus you will need to keep your tone friendly and light.

Google+ is more of a niche social network. It isn’t going to work for everybody, but there are some communities that are very active on it. Here, you can share and upload videos, photos, and links. You can make use of the Google+ circles to segment those who follow you into smaller groups, allowing you to share info with them while barring others.

Pinterest is an ideal site that a business can utilize to showcase its products while also improving its brand personality. The primary audience on Pinterest is female and you have this in mind when developing your strategy.