SEO Social Media

SEO Social Media

What is SEO Social Media?

Social media is a great marketing channel that is widely used by various companies. We are always logged into different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and therefore as a marketer, you can increase your customer base and create brand awareness with the use of these platforms.

So we help you link your social media platforms with your google site such that your customers click on the social media site, they can be directed to your site.

We have a team of specialist that can also help you get high rank in the case where you are using your social SEO. Other services that we provide regarding this site include creating content for your social media platforms such as the facebook, twitter, and Instagram to make them look presentable and professional.


Social SEO strategic objectives.

Some of the tactics that we use in SEO social media creation including coming up with an easy to read and interesting content for your readers. Facebook content is supposed to be friendly, and therefore we focus on such details and at the same time ensure that we include all the necessary information regarding the business.

We also concentrate on promoting your site to get top ranking in search engines like Google via promoting social likes, comments, and shares by your Facebook friends and customers. Note that the higher you account is engaged, the greater chances of you getting top ranks.

One way to know if your business is providing the correct products is by engaging your followers whereby you request them to give you feedback regarding the items they buy from you. With this information, you can also be able to know where you need to improve.


Campaign Strategy.

For you to achieve the above results on your site, one is required to come up with the best and most informative content that will help win the customer to buy from their site. One also needs to come up with the appropriate keywords for the social media engines. Therefore we help you develop the best strategies to win over customers to your site, and we also contribute to developing the best content and keywords that will help you get top ranking on Google and other search engines.

This procedure included social SEO campaigning and set up auditing

creation of engaging content to the users.

Reports that focus on the leads and other valuable materials.

What is On Page SEO

When talking about On Page SEO definition it generally refers to the act of optimizing personal websites so that you can be ranked higher by google and importantly obtain relevant traffic in search engines. With On Page SEO factors both the HTML source and the content are optimized, unlike the Off Page SEO where only external signals and links can be optimized. 


The Value of On Page SEO

One interesting thing about On Page SEO is that you have relatively more influence over its optimization unlike what happens with Off Site SEO. However, there are a number of external factors that are out of your control and if the necessary steps are not followed, things might go south. Some comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy that you ought to put in place in ensuring everything goes well include:

 Assessing and analyzing your current web page

 Identification of the existing On Page SEO opportunities

 Doing relevant changes that ensures your best SEO practices are adhered to.


Our On Page SEO Process

Speaking about the performance of a website, there is a long On Page SEO checklist that plays a role in ensuring that the lather is accomplished. Some of these components include:

 Title tags. A very significant element for all the titles on your website. Makes sure that all the title tags in your site are keyword optimized, relevant and of appropriate length so that they can be fully visible in the result pages of search engines.

 URLs. An appropriate URL structure should be logical and clear. We are able to optimize all the URLs in your website and ensure that they are up to the expected standards.

 Content. One of the most important things to consider when it comes to digital marketing for your website. A good content should be original, high quality, adds value and importantly improves your website to both the search engines and the visitors. We always focus on creating content that is valuable on your site, keyword optimized and content that includes new pages based on the searched keyword.

 Meta Description. We always work to provide keyword optimized descriptions, high quality and Meta descriptions that are of the right length in order to draw traffic to your site and search engines.

 HTML & CSS- A good site content should be fully crawlable by the search engines so that all the available links and keywords can be crawled. We are able to ensure that all that is possible.


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